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The Night School Knife

      This knife is the result of collaboration between Ty Schwamberger and myself.  It's a Bowie/martial style with brass bolster and a sculpted subhilt walnut handle. 

Overall Length: nearly  10"  Blade Length: About 5 3/4"  Blade Width: 1 1/4"  Blade Thickness: just over 3/16"  Handle Length: 4 3/8"  Handle Width: just under 1 1/2"  Handle Thickness: just over 3/4"  Finger Guard: just under 2 3/4".  Hidden tang. 

Price $229.99 Includes Knife, Stand, Matching Numbered and Autographed copy of Night School, Plus FREE shipping..  Include any Custom Inscriptions With the Order.  Since Each Knife is produce in the order in which the request is recieved, Serial Numbers are on a first come first served bases.

It's been great fun getting to know Ty and trying to do his rather considerable imagination and vision justice.  This is the result of Ty's guidance and my imagination.  A small Bowie style with a tapering blade and handle that incorporates the cover art work from Ty's novel into engraving on the blade.  I'm no expert on the criminal mind, but this looks like a tool for the job.  A large hilt and subhilt so it won't slip out of your hand when it's blood�I mean wet.  Large double bolster to protect your hand.  Slender clip point blade for good penetration and even a hammering anvil on the top of the blade incase you need help cutting through something hard�like maybe a sternum.  Just kidding of course, but that's what I mean by great fun designing this knife.  Check Ty's Web Site often to see where and when you can view the knife and meet Ty in person at one of his book signing session.

The tapered grip and perfect balance ensure that all my knives will have a positive feel in the hand. 

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